Though their sound features the kind of new wave metalcore, LED BY VAJRA bring innovation moving through different genres and themes they're incredibly able to recreate without losing the technical wizardry the genre is famous for. 


LED BY VAJRA made its debut in 2012 dropping out "RAINDOPS EP" under the name of "Thirsting For Revenge". In 2015 the band signed to "This Is Core" releasing its second work "Leaves in autumn". Because of constant growth years, the band decide to change name and to produce a ten tracks brand new work called " PSYCHE' ". It will be sponsored by two official videos  and a lyrics video produced by "SCOTT RUDD FILMS".




LED BY VAJRA, previously named "Thirsting For Revenge", played at most of the best Italian metal acts, sharing the stage with bands such as : BETRAYING THE MARTYRS, JINJER, DESTRAGE, DREAMSHADE and more.

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